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My PhD research focuses on magmatic processes conducive to porphyry copper deposit formation. I am interested in using geochemistry, petrology, numerical modelling and machine learning approaches to understand magmatic processes and mineral deposit formation. 



Loader M, Nathwani C, Wilkinson J, et al., 2022, Controls on the magnitude of Ce anomalies in zircon, Geochimica Et Cosmochimica Acta, Vol:328, ISSN:0016-7037

Nathwani C, Wilkinson J, Fry G, et al., 2022, Machine learning for geochemical exploration: classifying metallogenic fertility in arc magmas and insights into porphyry copper deposit formation, Mineralium Deposita: International Journal of Geology, Mineralogy, and Geochemistry of Mineral Deposits, Vol:57, ISSN:0026-4598, Pages:1143-1166

Nathwani CL, Simmons AT, Large SJE, et al., 2021, From long-lived batholith construction to giant porphyry copper deposit formation: petrological and zircon chemical evolution of the Quellaveco District, Southern Peru, Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology, Vol:176, ISSN:0010-7999

Nathwani C, Loader M, Wilkinson J, et al., 2020, Multi-stage arc magma evolution recorded by apatite in volcanic rocks, Geology (boulder), Vol:48, ISSN:0091-7613, Pages:323-327

Gaudet M, Kopylova M, Muntener C, et al., 2018, Geology of the Renard 65 kimberlite pipe, Québec, Canada, Mineralogy and Petrology, ISSN:0930-0708

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