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Chloe Bloom is a NIHR Clinician Scientist and group leader at NHLI, working in the field of respiratory epidemiology. She is an Honorary Consultant in Respiratory Medicine at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust working in integrated respiratory care and specialist asthma clinics. 

She read Medicine at the University of Manchester and graduated with Honours in Research and a BSc in Biological Sciences from Imperial College London. Chloe undertook specialist respiratory training in North West London and was awarded a MRC Clinical Research Training Fellow. She carried out her PhD at the MRC-National Institute for Medical Research under Professor Anne O'Garra FRS, applying bioinformatics and biostatistics to evaluate genomic and clinical data from respiratory patients. After receiving her CCT she obtained an MSc in Epidemiology from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

Chloe joined Imperial College London in 2017 on a NHLI fellowship. She was awarded a prestigious NIHR Advanced Fellowship in 2021 to lead a programme of research in asthma related to the use of asthma medication, involving quantitative and qualitative approaches and a data-driven pragmatic trial. 

The research interests of her group are centred on the use of large clinical data to improve the management of respiratory disease, with a focus on adult and paediatric asthma, as well as other respiratory diseases including covid-19 and COPD. Her teaching roles include Respiratory Lead for Imperial College Medical School final years and supervision of BSc and MSc students.

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

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More Publications