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AB - Superresolved microscopy techniques have revolutionized the ability to study biological structures below the diffraction limit. Single molecule localization microscopy (SMLM) techniques are widely used because they are relatively straightforward to implement and can be realized at relatively low cost, e.g. compared to laser scanning microscopy techniques. However, while the data analysis can be readily undertaken using open source or other software tools, large SMLM data volumes and the complexity of the algorithms used often lead to long image data processing times that can hinder the iterative optimization of experiments. There is increasing interest in high throughput SMLM, but its further development and application is inhibited by the data processing challenges. We present here a widely applicable approach to accelerating SMLM data processing via a parallelized implementation of ThunderSTORM on a highperformance computing (HPC) cluster and quantify the speed advantage for a fournode cluster (with 24 cores and 128 GB RAM per node) compared to a high specification (28 cores, 128 GB RAM, SSDenabled) desktop workstation. This data processing speed can be readily scaled by accessing more HPC resources. Our approach is not specific to ThunderSTORM and can be adapted for a wide range of SMLM software.
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