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AB - Motion during image acquisition can cause imagedegradation in all medical imaging modalities. This is particularlyrelevant in 2-D ultrasound imaging, since out-of-plane motioncan only be compensated for movements smaller than elevationalbeamwidth of the transducer. Localization based super-resolutionimaging creates even a more challenging motion correction taskdue to the requirement of a high number of acquisitions to forma single super-resolved frame.In this study, an extension of two-stage motion correctionmethod is proposed for 3-D motion correction. Motion estimationwas performed on high volumetric rate ultrasound acquisitionswith a handheld probe. The capability of the proposed methodwas demonstrated with a 3-D microvascular flow simulation tocompensate for handheld probe motion. Results showed that two-stage motion correction method reduced the average localizationerror from 136 to 18μm.
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