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AB - High frame rate 3-D ultrasound imaging technologycombined with super-resolution processing method can visualize3-D microvascular structures by overcoming the diffractionlimited resolution in every spatial direction. However, 3-D superresolution ultrasound imaging using a full 2-D array requires asystem with large number of independent channels, the designof which might be impractical due to the high cost, complexity,and volume of data produced.In this study, a 2-D sparse array was designed and fabricatedwith 512 elements chosen from a density-tapered 2-D spirallayout. High frame rate volumetric imaging was performed usingtwo synchronized ULA-OP 256 research scanners. Volumetricimages were constructed by coherently compounding 9-angleplane waves acquired at a pulse repetition frequency of 4500Hz. Localization-based 3-D super-resolution images of two touching sub-wavelength tubes were generated from 6000 volumesacquired in 12 seconds. In conclusion, this work demonstratesthe feasibility of 3-D super-resolution imaging and super-resolvedvelocity mapping using a customized 2-D sparse array transducer
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