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SKINSPECTION: EU Health FP7, 1st April 2008 - 31st March 2012, Imperial PI, Chris Dunsby, Co-I''''s Paul French, Gordon Stamp, Mark Neil and Tony Chu.

Endoscopic FLIM for label-free tissue contrast: EPSRC, 1st April 2008 - 30th Sept 2011, PI, Paul French, Co-I''''s Gordon Stamp, Chris Dunsby, Mark Neil, Dan Elson, Andrew Thillainayagam.

Photonics4Life: Co-I, EU Network of Excellence, 1st April 2008 - 31st March 2012, PI Mark Neil, Co-I''''s Paul French and Chris Dunsby.

Rectors Research Excellence Award ‘Spatio-temporal mapping of protein interactions in live cells by multidimensional fluorescence imaging’:
Paul French, Dan Davis, Tony Magee, Mark Neil, Chris Dunsby.

Demonstration of oblique plane microscopy for live cell imaging and imaging processes within microfluidic devices: PI, Royal Society Research Grant, 1st April 2009 – 31st March 2010.

Development of a super-resolving STED FLIM microscope for biological application: BBSRC, 1st June 2009 – 31st July 2010, PI, Paul French, Co-I’s Mark Neil, Chris Dunsby.

Multidimensional fluorescence imaging of PIP2-derived intracellular signals in directional cell movement: BBSRC, 1st October 2009 – 31st Sept 2012, PI’s, Paul French, Matilda Katan, Co-I’s, Mark Neil, Chris Dunsby.

A Novel Ultrasound Modulated Optical Tomography System: EPSRC, 4th Jan 2010 – 3rd Jan  2011, PI, Mengxing Tang, Co-I’s, Robert Eckersley, Dan Elson, Chris Dunsby.

Development of Oblique Plane Microscopy for Biomedical Applications: EPSRC First Grant, 1st June 2010 – 31st July 2011, PI, Chris Dunsby.

Fluorescence lifetime imaging endoscopy for PPIX detection: NIHR i4i programme, 1st June 2010 – 31st May 2011, PI, Paul French, Co-I’s, Dan Elson, Martin Leonhard, Norbert Hansen, Eric Mayer, Mark Neil, Chris Dunsby.

Real time in vivo optical structural and metabolic characterisation of cardiac tissue: BHF Centre for Research Excellence Pilot Project, 3rd September 2010, PI Alex Lyon, Co-I’s Chris Dunsby, Nick Peters and Paul French.

Euro-BioImaging - Research infrastructure for imaging technologies in biological and biomedical sciences: EU FP7, 1st December 2010 – 30th November 2013, Imperial PI, Paul French, Co-I Chris Dunsby.

Autofluorescence lifetime metrology for label-free readouts of heart disease and arthritis: EPSRC Healthcare Partnerships, 1st June 2011 – 30th November 2014, PI, Paul French, Co-I’s Chris Dunsby, Yosifumi Itoh, Alex Lyon, Nick Peters.

The Open Microscopy Environment: Image Informatics for the Biological Sciences: Wellcome Trust, 1st July 2011 – 30th September 2014, Imperial PI, Paul French, Co-I, Chris Dunsby.

Development of a multi-channel Oblique Plane Microscopy system for cardiac cell physiology measurements: BBSRC Strategic Tools and Resources Development Fund, 1st August 2011 – 31st July 2012, PI Chris Dunsby, Co-I Ken MacLeod.

Guest Lectures



McGinty, James, Physics, Imperial College London

Neil, Mark, Physics, Imperial College London

Paterson, Carl, Physics, Imperial College London

Allan, Bruce, School of Public Health, Imperial College London

French, Paul, Physics, Imperial College London

Guest Lectures

Multi-dimensional imaging of tissue autofluorescence and high-speed fluorescence imaging with oblique plane microscopy, Workshop on Advanced Optical Techniques in Bio-Imaging, Bratislava, Slovakia, 2011

Introduction to the sources of cellular and tissue autofluorescence; Microspectrophotometry and imaging for studying celluar autofluorescence in vitro; & Autofluorescence instrumentation, International School of Physics “Enrico Fermi”: “Microscopy Applied To Biophotonics”, Varenna, Lake Como, 2011

Multi-dimensional fluorescence imaging, CARS Explorer Symposium, Optical solutions to biomedical problems, Marseilles, France, 2011

Imaging of Skin Cancer using Multidimensional Multiphoton Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging, 6th Workshop on Advanced Multiphoton and FLIM Techniques, Saarbrucken, Germany, 2011

Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging, Advanced Quantitative Light Microscopy course, MBL, Woods Hole, MA, USA, 2011

Multi-dimensional fluorescence imaging, Live Cell Imaging System for confocal and multiphoton in vivo microscopy, Symposium and Celebration,, ILM, Ulm, Germany, 2011

Multi-dimesional fluorescence imaging, Advanced Imaging Methods Workshop, Berkeley, USA, 2010

Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging, 2nd European Short Course on Time-Resolved Microscopy and Correlation Spectroscopy,, Berlin, 2010

Multi-dimensional fluorescence imaging, School of Biosciences, Cardiff University, Cardiff, 2009

Multi-dimensional fluorescence imaging, Condensed matter physics, bio-, nano-, x-ray and photonics groups, Kings College London, London, 2009

Multidimesional fluorescence imaging, 1st Coherent MPE meeting, Glasgow, 2009

Multi-dimensional fluorescence imaging - for label-free tissue imaging, cell biology and high content analysis, Department of Bioengineering, University of California Davis, Davis, California, USA, 2008

Multidimensional fluorescence imaging - for label-free tissue imaging, cell biology and HCA, 2nd Boston Workshop on Advanced TCSPC Techniques, Boston, USA, 2008

Multi-dimensional fluorescence imaging, Optical Technologies Team, National Physics Laboratory, Teddington, 2007

Multi-dimensional fluorescence imaging, Advanced multiphoton and fluorescence imaging workshop, University of Saarland, Germany, 2007

Multi-dimensional fluorescence imaging, High Content Analysis meeting, Vienna, Austria, 2007

Multi-dimensional fluorescence imaging, 1st User Meeting LaVision BioTec, Bielefeld, Germany, 2006

Multi-parameter fluorescence imaging, Pharma IQ Conference on High Content Screening,, London, 2005

Multi-parameter fluorescence imaging, 1st Evotec Meeting on Recent Developments in High Content Data Analysis, Tallin, Estonia, 2004

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