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Faculty of MedicineDepartment of Surgery & Cancer

Advanced Research Fellow



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Dr Xavier Gidrol, Centre for Atomic and Alternative Energies, 2013

Sean McGuire, MD Anderson Cancer Center, University of Texas, Identification of Cancer-Relevant MicroRNA Target Genes

Shawn Lupold, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Interactions Between MicroRNAs and Androgen Receptor Signalling in Prostate Cancer

Jason Webber, Cardiff University, Mechanisms of exosomal miR communication in prostate cancer

Research Student Supervision

Eringyte,I, Systematic Identification of MicroRNA Drivers of Resistance to Novel Therapeutics in Advanced Prostate Cancer – Exploitation as Stratification Biomarkers and Drug Targets

Kalofonou,F, Androgen Receptor-Modulating MicroRNAs in Prostate Cancer Progression and Therapy

Kalofonou,F, Characterisation of AR-modulatory microRNAs in Prostate Cancer

Shibakawa,A, MicroRNAs as treatment response biomarkers in prostate cancer