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Claire F Hunt, BSc, MSc

Claire is Option Convenor for Integrated Water Management on the Centre for Environmental Policy's MSc in Environmental Technology.

After a BSc (Joint Hons) in Physics and Chemistry from the University of Nottingham, Claire worked in industry as an analytical chemist. A subsequent MSc in Computer Science from the University of Hertfordshire led to several years writing Electronic Data Interchange user software. Claire has worked within the CEP since completing the Imperial College London MSc in Environmental Technology on 2006.

Research interests

Claire's recent research interests have focused on pollution of the marine environment, including the impacts of microplastics on the environment and health and the effectiveness of voluntary remediation measures.

Other interests include the environmental concerns of the water companies: taste and odour in drinking water, micropollutants and wastewater treatment, the revised bathing waters directive and the development of the Water Footprint concepts to incorporate environmental stress.

Recent work for DEFRA has investigated knowledge gaps regarding the impact of urban diffuse water pollution, and how to develop integrated urban interventions so that they yield multiple benefits such as pollution reduction, flooding control and improved health outcomes.



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