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Cleo is a Research Associate in the Department of Management & Entrepreneurship at the Business School. She got awarded her PhD in October 2019, having defended her dissertation (VIVA) in June 2019 (committee: Rhonda Reger, Mark Kennedy, Nelson Phillips). 

Cleo's dissertation focuses on the challenges that individuals face when they belong to organizations characterized by multiple goals. In particular, in the first chapter of her dissertation she looks at the identification of individuals with a hybrid organization, where the goals at play are multiple, and often in conflict with one other (paper with Markus Perkmann and Paola Criscuolo). In the following chapters she focuses on impression management tactics enacted by those individuals who, alongside their core professional duties, engage in peripheral activities. Specifically, she studies the role of reputation in determining individuals' decision to construct a diversified, rather than pure, professional image (paper with Klaus Weber, Markus Perkmann and Paola Criscuolo).

Alongside her dissertation, Cleo is interested in the interplay between identity, image, impression management and social valuation. Alongside her dissertation, she focuses her attention in understanding audiences' evaluation of individuals who engage in misconduct (research project with Maxine Yu, Lin Dong and Yuri Mishina) and she studies the role of audiences heterogeneity in evaluating novel products (one project with Francesca Bacco, Gino Cattani and Simone Ferriani, and another project with Julien Jourdan and Markus Perkmann).



Perkmann M, Fini R, Ross J, et al., 2015, Accounting for universities’ impact: using augmented data to measure academic engagement and commercialization by academic scientists, Research Evaluation, Vol:24, ISSN:1471-5449, Pages:380-391

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