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I’m a design strategist, researcher and facilitator with over 7 years' experience designing and leading projects for systemic change towards sustainability.


Originally trained as an architect at the University of Sheffield and the Royal College of Art, I founded the Bucharest Urban Lab (Urboteca) in 2013 in the desire to establish a European platform to exchange skills, experience and knowledge about collaborative city-making, where I remain a trustee. I changed career track in pursuit of systems change for sustainability in my role as Senior Design Strategist at Forum for the Future.

I have come full circle through being awarded a PhD scholarship from the London Interdisciplinary Social Science DTP to research the role of design and futures methods for urban resilience. 

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My current research is exploring the following inquiry questions: 

How might the urban resilience discourse and practice enable a plurality of sustainable and just urban futures?
• How does the current urban resilience system implement action? 

• What are the current implementation gaps? 
• How might design futures & systemic design methods help bridge the gaps?

What might be the evolved roles of urban practitioners in the wider change system?

Selected publications

Angheloiu, C., Sheldrick, L., Tennant, M., & Chaudhuri, G. (2019). Future Tense: Harnessing Design Futures Methods to Facilitate Young People’s Exploration of Transformative Change for Sustainability. World Futures Review, 1946756719844050. DOI

Angheloiu, C., Chaudhuri, G., Sheldrick, L., & others. (2018). Alternative Futures as a Method for Equipping the Next Generation of Designers and Engineers. DS 93: Proceedings of the 20th International Conference on Engineering and Product Design Education (E&PDE 2018), Dyson School of Engineering, Imperial College, London. 6th-7th September 2018, 752–757. London.

Angheloiu C, Chaudhuri G, Sheldrick L, 2017, Future Tense: Alternative Futures as a Design Method for Sustainability Transitions, Design Journal, Vol:20, ISSN:1460-6925, Pages:S3213-S3225 DOI Author Web Link



Angheloiu C, Tennant M, 2020, Urban futures: Systemic or system changing interventions? A literature review using Meadows' leverage points as analytical framework, Cities, Vol:104, ISSN:0264-2751

Angheloiu C, Sheldrick L, Tennant M, 2020, Future tense: exploring dissonance in young people’s images of the future through design futures methods, Futures, Vol:117, ISSN:0016-3287

Angheloiu C, Sheldrick L, Tennant M, et al., 2019, Future tense: harnessing design futures methods to facilitate young people’s exploration of transformative change for sustainability, World Futures Review, Vol:12, ISSN:1946-7567, Pages:104-122


Angheloiu C, Chaudhuri G, Sheldrick L, 2018, Alternative futures as a method for equipping the next generation of designers and engineers

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