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Cosmin Badea

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Part Time Lecturer in Philosophy



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Cosmin Badea is Course Leader and Lecturer for the "Ethics, Privacy, AI in Society" course in the Department of Computing at Imperial College. He is also Lecturer in Philosophy at Imperial, teaching in the interdisciplinary Imperial Horizons programme Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS) in the Centre for Languages, Culture and Communication, leading the  "Contemporary Philosophy" course.

Since 2019, when he created the course, he has had responsibility overall for the design and coordination of the "Ethics in AI" module, and lectures on aspects such as ethics, the design of artificial agents, intelligence, and explainability in the context of Artificial Intelligence.

Since 2021, he has been leading the "Contemporary Philosophy" course, where he lectures about crucial developments in philosophy since the turn of the twentieth century, centred around the question of meaning. The first term focuses on the philosophy of language, and the second term on existential phenomenology. Topics discussed include the relationship between philosophy and other disciplines, the "linguistic turn" and philosophy of language, philosophy of the mind, the use of philosophy in other disciplines (focusing on STEM), ethics and the philosophy of Artificial Intelligence.

His research focuses on Artificial Intelligence, and in particular topics such as AI Ethics, Practical Reasoning for AI, Logic, Non-Monotonic Reasoning, Decision Theory, Ethics, Value Alignment, Philosophy of Language, Machine Ethics and Rule-based AI. Other research interests are Philosophy of the Mind and Game Theory.



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Bolton W, Badea C, Georgiou P, et al., 2022, Developing Moral AI to Support Antimicrobial Decision Making, Nature Machine Intelligence, ISSN:2522-5839

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