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Professor Dennis Buchanan
Emeritus Professor of Mining Geology, 
Professor Buchanan works jointly between the Department of Earth Science and Engineering and the Business School at Imperial College London.   

Professor Buchanan's current research interest lies in addressing the underlying technical principles applying to mineral projects and demonstrating how these influence financial modelling. Particular interest is directed towards the treatment of key independent variables, such as grade and metal price, dependent variables, such as grade-tonnage relationships, and the way these influence the rate of mining, associated operating and capital costs, and the optimisation of the NPV of a project. These models are then applied to concepts of enhancing shareholder value for minerals companies and the related consideration of the role of gearing in maintaining an efficient balance sheet

He has over 40 years of experience teaching mining geology, mineral exploration and mineral project appraisal and  was responsible for the MSc in Metals and Energy Finance.  This is a joint degree between the Department of Earth Science and Engineering and the Business School at Imperial College. Professor Buchanan has worked as a Mining Geologist in both gold and platinum mines in South Africa and had wide experience as a consultant to industry, as an expert witness in legal cases and in designing and delivering short courses for industry.

Selected Publications

Buchanan, Dennis L. (2018). Metals and Energy Finance, World Scientific. Second Edition.  With a contribution by Mark H.A. Davis.

Buchanan, D.L., Heyhoe, M and Shaw, CT. 2017. An Introduction to Modelling Metal Project Finance. EduMine e-Learning.

Buchanan, Dennis L. (2016). Metals and Energy Finance, Imperial College Press, London.

Krautter, Jean-Baptiste, Buchanan, D.L. and Worcester, C. (2015). A Technical and Financial Appraisal of a Gold Project in Canada’s Low Arctic.  Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining. Conference on Minerals and Metals Production from Mine to Market. 15-16 December, Cambridge.

Buchanan, D.L., La Marre, J-N and Tournaud, N. 2010. Value Creation in the Petroleum Industry. .       IQPC Global Reserves Summit. London

Buchanan, D.L. and Belkabir, M.Y. 2010. Financial Evaluation of the Manganese Nodule Resource in the Cook Islands. Imperial College Consultants Ltd report.