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Professor Darren Crowdy holds a Chair in Applied Mathematics and has been on the faculty of the Department of Mathematics since 1999. His interests are broad but centre on the application of methods of complex analysis to problems arising in the physical sciences, applied mathematics and mathematical physics. He has special interests in the field of fluid dynamics.

Prof. Crowdy is currently an Established Career Fellow of the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council and a Wolfson Research Merit Fellow of the Royal Society.

Prof. Crowdy has recently been a Visiting Professor at MIT, the California Institute of Technology, UC San Diego and the University of Kyoto.

Prof. Crowdy's "Applied and Computational Complex Analysis" (ACCA) Group website can be found here

His monograph "Solving problems in multiply connected domains" was published by SIAM in April 2020.

Freely downloadable codes to evaluate the "prime function" are available from the ACCA GitHub site.



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