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Dr David Dajnak is the deputy lead of the Environmental Research Group's Air Pollution Modelling team in the School of public Health.

I have more than 15 years’ experience in designing and developing cutting-edge emissions inventories such as the London Atmospheric Emissions Inventory (LAEI), smart policies to reduce the impacts of air quality, state-of-the-art air quality modelling in support of policy in London, innovative air quality modelling for human exposure assessment and more recently, advanced health impact assessment associated with air pollution and the impacts of climate policies on future air quality.

Over the last 15 years, I have worked closely with London policy makers in implementing major changes to the city from the Congestion Charging Scheme (CCS), the Western Extension Zone (WEZ), the Mayor’s Air Quality Strategy (MAQS), the Olympic Road Network (ORN), the Low Emissions Zone (LEZ) to the more recent Ultra Low Emissions Zone (ULEZ) and the future London Environment Strategy (LES) and London Environment Strategy Plus (LES Plus).

Research Collaboration

Extensive research collaborations including within the Environmental Research Group, the School of Public Health at Imperial, King's College London, Climate Change Committee (CCC),  Public Health England (PHE), the European Climate Foundation (ECF), the Clean Air Fund (CAF), NIHR, MRC, HPRU, NERC, The Greater London Authority (GLA), Transport for London (TfL), Port of London Authority (PLA), DEFRA, DfT, UK100, IPPR, Greenpeace and local authorities.

Research Projects

Major Research projects

2020 – 2023 The air quality health and economic costs and benefits of a zero carbon UK. NIHR, Co-I

2020 - 2022 Developing a UK Community Emissions Modelling System. MERC/Met.Office

2019-2023 Investigating the impact of London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone on Children’s respiratory health (ULEZ); NIHR

Post-doctoral researchers under Supervision:

Dr Gregor Stewart

Dr Tuan Vu

Scientific reports

D Dajnak, N Kitwiroon, N Assareh, G Stewart, W Hicks, Evangelopoulos, Wood, H Walton and S Beevers (2022). Pathway to WHO: achieving clean air in the UK - Modelling air quality costs and benefits. Web Link

D Evangelopoulos, D Dajnak, D Wood and D Fecht and H Walton (2022). Health Impact Assessment of current and past Air Pollution on Asthma in London. Web Link

H Walton, D Evangelopoulos, M Kasdagli, L Selley, D Dajnak and K Katsouyanni (2021). Investigating links between air pollution, COVID-19 and lower respiratory infectious diseases. Web Link

D Dajnak, D Evangelopoulos, N Kitwiroon, SD Beevers and H Walton (2021). London Health Burden of Current Air Pollution and Future Health Benefits of Mayoral Air Quality Policies. Web Link

D Dajnak, H Walton and SD Beevers (2020). Liverpool City Region Combined Authority Health And Economic Impact Assessment Study. Web Link

D Dajnak, H Walton and SD Beevers (2019). Bristol City Health And Economic Impact Assessment Study. Web Link

H Walton, D Dajnak and J R Stedman  (2018). Working Paper for COMEAP Report “Associations of long-term average concentrations of nitrogen dioxide with mortality”. Web Link 

D Dajnak and H Walton (2018). Waltham Forest study of life expectancy benefits of increased physical activity from walking and cycling. Web Link

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Newbury JB, Stewart R, Fisher HL, et al., 2021, Association between air pollution exposure and mental health service use among individuals with first presentations of psychotic and mood disorders: retrospective cohort study, British Journal of Psychiatry, Vol:219, ISSN:0007-1250, Pages:678-685

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Walton RT, Mudway IS, Dundas I, et al., 2016, Air pollution, ethnicity and telomere length in east London schoolchildren: An observational study, Environment International, Vol:96, ISSN:1873-6750, Pages:41-47

More Publications