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Danielle joined the Patient Safety Translational Research Centre (PSTRC) in 2010 as a Joint Post Research Assistant with the Trust's Clinical Governance Department. Her work was based around a number of research projects exploring patient safety and how we can improve it by looking at the selection of safety priorities within the Trust, the measurement of those priorities and the use of this information for quality improvement at organisational level.

Between 2012 and 2015 Danielle completed a PhD programme of research supervised by Dr Jonathan Benn and Dr Alex Bottle which explored the influence of performance feedback on professional behaviour change in healthcare. Case study feedback interventions from two perspectives (personalised feedback interventions within the perioperative services clinical microsystem and organisational level feedback from incident reporting systems) were investigated and evaluated using a mixed methods approach with qualitative and quantitative components. The work took a multidisciplinary approach drawing upon psychological theory, medical informatics and health services research. The primary outcome of the PhD was an integrated model of feedback and behaviour change which demonstrates how the design characteristics of feedback promote a number of psychological processes in individuals that result in intermediary effects such as learning and culture change and ultimately lead to the desired outcome of professional behaviour change.

After completing her PhD Danielle has taken on the role of Research Associate leading on a work stream to explore Patient Safety in Mental Health as part of Theme Three (Patients, Carers and Families) of the PSTRC. The aims of the work stream are to establish an understanding of the current research base on patient safety in mental health, identify the future research priorities for understanding patient safety in mental health and conduct high quality translational research studies that can improve the safety and quality of care for mental health patients locally, nationally and internationally. The project team at the PSTRC are collaborating with West London Mental Health Trust to achieve these goals. Early studies are expected to centre upon incident reporting in mental health trusts and staff support, recovery from patient safety incidents and resilience.





D'Lima DM, Moore J, Bottle A, et al., 2015, Developing effective feedback on quality of anaesthetic care: what are its most valuable characteristics from a clinical perspective?, Journal of Health Services Research & Policy, Vol:20, ISSN:1355-8196, Pages:26-34

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