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Professor of Fluid Mechanics







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Professor of Fluid Mechanics



(2008 - present ):  Professor of Fluid Mechanics, Department of Aeronautics, Imperial College London.

(1996 - 2008):  Reader in Fluid Dynamics, Department of Aeronautics, Imperial College London.

(1988 - 1996):  Lecturer in Aeronautics, Imperial College London.

(1985 - 1988 ):  Research Associate,  Mathematics Department,  University College London.

(1983 - 1985):   SRC Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Imperial College and University College London.

(1979 - 1983):   DPhil Engineering Science, University of Oxford

(1979):   BA,BAI Engineering Science, Trinity College Dublin

College Roles

(1995 – 2004):  Chair of  Imperial College Academic Staff Assembly. 

(2008 – 2012):  Director of Undergraduate Studies, Aeronautics Exchange. 

(1994 – 2008):  Student Exchange Coordinator, Aeronautics. 



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