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MRCPsych, PhD, Academic Clinical Lecturer

Neuropsychopharmacology Unit, Dpt of Psychiatry, Division of Brain Sciences, Imperial College London.

Qualified as a medical doctor at Copenhagen University Medical School in 2001 and currently holds an Academic Clinical Lectureship in Psychiatry at Imperial College London. Alongside his clinical training in medicine/psychiatry, David has been involved in psychopharmacological research, using brain-imaging techniques such as PET and MRI. Initially working at Columbia University in New York, he then undertook a PhD at University Hospital Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen. Since 2009, under the mentorships of Profs Anne Lingford-Hughes and David Nutt at Imperial College London, he has conducted post-doc imaging research in the neurobiology of addictions and major depression. Together with Prof Nutt and Dr Carhart-Harris he is also investigating the neurobiology and therapeutic potential of MDMA and classic psychedelics.

  • Graduation from Medical School, Copenhagen University, Copenhagen, Denmark in 2001.
  • In the following years medical training in internal medicine, surgery, and psychiatry at hospitals in Copenhagen.
  • Under Professor Marc Laruelle at Columbia University in New York City 2003-04 trained in molecular brain imaging in schizophrenia and addiction.
  • PhD thesis “PET studies of serotonergic neurotransmission”, using these imaging techniques completed at the Neurobiology Research Unit and Center for Integrated Molecular Brain Imaging (CIMBI), University Hospital Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen.
  • Since 2009 under the mentorship of Professors Anne Lingford-Hughes and David Nutt at Imperial College London continuing research in brain imaging in addiction using both PET and fMRI.
  • Involved in several lines of psychopharmacological and brain imaging research at Imperial; investigating dopaminergic neurotransmission with measurements of the dopamine D3 receptor in alcohol addiction, studies of opioid neurotransmission in pathological gambling, and functional imaging studies looking at the role of dopamine D3 and mu-opiate receptors in cocaine, alcohol, and heroin addiction. In addition, together with Prof Nutt and Dr Carhart-Harris conducting brain imaging of the acute effects of MDMA and psychedelic compounds.
  • In 2012 nominated an Academic Clinical Fellowship in Psychiatry under Imperial College, and from February 2013 been working in clinical psychiatry in West London, and part time in research at Imperial.
  • 2016 MRCPsych, and started higher training post as Special Registrar at Maudsley Hospital, SLAM NHS Foundation Trust.
  • In 2017 awarded an Academic Clinical Lectureship (ACL) at Imperial College London, Neuropsychopharmacology Unit (academic 50%). Special Registrar (ACL, ST5) in General Adult Psychiatry, CNWL NHS Foundation Trust (clinical 50%). In this ACL post from Feb 2018.




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