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Research Team

Our unit bridges many aspects of cardiology including coronary physiology, quantitative imaging, devices/electrophyiology, heart failure, rational prevention and clinical effectiveness.The key Research Leaders in the group are Dr Justin Davies, Dr Zachary Whinnett and Dr Charlotte Manisty. We could not exist without our close clinical and research integration with Electrophysiology (Prof Nick Peters, Dr P Kanagaratnam), Imaging (Prof J Mayet) and enthusiastic support of the Coronary Intervention consultants.

Our researchers are a mix of cardiologists, engineers and physiologists, working on rational steps to improve methods for diagnosis and treatment for real challenges in cardiology. Our approaches are many, including designing, building and testing new equipment and software, developing new analytical techniques, re-examining existing methods, and conducting trials.

We do not shy away from controversial areas, since we believe that it is those questions that gain the most from careful, accurate illumination.

Mechanical dyssynchrony controversy 

Bone-marrow stem cell controversy 
- journal responses (appendices 6 to 9)
- press coverage: 1 2 

Perioperative beta blockade controversy  
 - press coverage: 1 2

We have an active interest in erroneous research findings which we believe can arise in many ways, mostly inadvertantly through inadequate planning of research, the perceived pressure to publish at all costs, or the common incorrect belief that positive results are more worthwhile than neutral ones. We seek, develop and share more reliable methods for research and clinical practice.