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My research interests can be summarised in the following thematic pillars:

  • (a) Photochemical patterning and colour tuning in single-layer organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs)

I investigated the changes in emission colour of thin films based on fluorescent dyes and phosphorescent (organometallic) compounds, blended with a conjugated polymer host, upon photochemical protonation of their basic sites. This enabled patterning of the three basic colours (RGB) in a single polymer layer, facilitating fabrication of multi-colour and white light OLEDs.

  • (b) Interface engineering of organic/hybrid optoelectronic devices

Thin films of inorganic materials, such as metal oxides (WOx, MoOx, HyMoOx) and polyoxometalates (H3PW12O40), and organic materials, such as porphyrins and triphenylsulfonium salts, were employed as electron/hole injecting/extracting layers in organic/hybrid OLEDs and photovoltaic devices (OPVs). Control over stoichiometry of the metal oxides and over film forming properties via solution deposition methods of the other materials – some of them employed for the first time as interfacial layers – resulted in dramatic increase in device efficiencies and overall performance.

  • (c) Fabrication of co-planar nanoscale electronic devices on plastic via adhesion lithography

I worked in an EPSRC project funded through the Centre for Innovative Manufacturing in Lare Area Electronics, where I explored the use of adhesion lithography (a-Lith), a novel low cost, high throughput patterning technique for the fabrication of coplanar nanogap electrodes, towards development of high speed solution-processed radio-frequency (RF) diodes and circuits on plastic.

In April 2016, I was awarded a Marie Sklodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship to investigate other types of electronic devices enabled by a-Lith fabricated nanogap electrodes, such as:

-light-emitting diodes


-resistive switching memories

Recently, I was awarded an EPSRC-KTS grant via Imperial College’s Impact Acceleration Account to undertake a secondment to PragmatIC Printing Ltd, in order to upscale the technology in a relevant industrial environment at the Centre for Process Innovation.


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  • Prizes for Best Poster presentations:

2017 - innoLAE conference, Cambridge, UK (£250)

2016 - New Scientist Live/Materials Today, London, UK (£300)

2008 - ISFOE conference, Thessaloniki, Greece (€200)

  • Finalist in the following contests:

2018 - European Young Researcher Award (EYRA), Euroscience Open Forum, Toulouse, France

2017 - Venture Catalyst Challenge (VCC), Imperial College London, UK

2016 - Set for Britain, Westminster, London, UK

  • Distinctions

2015 - “Seal of excellence” with Opticon (SME) awarded by the European Commission for excellent proposal submitted in the SME Instrument


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2018 - 15th International Conference on Nanosciences & Nanotechnologies (NN18), Thessaloniki, Greece:

“High speed diodes for flexible large area electronics”

2016 - 6th International Symposium on Transparent Conductive Materials (IS-TCM 2016), Crete, Greece:

“Novel patterning techniques and materials concepts for large area electronics”

2016 - SPIE Optics and Photonics (Organic Photonics and Electronics), San Diego, USA:

“Radio frequency diodes and circuits fabricated via adhesion lithography”

2013 - 10th International Conference on Nanosciences & Nanotechnologies (NN13), Thessaloniki, Greece:

“Solution-processed materials for successful interface engineering in bulk heterojunction organic photovoltaics”


2019 - Zepler Institute invited seminars, University of Southampton, UK

“Coplanar Electronic Devices Fabricated with Flexible Nanogap Electrodes”

2018 - Materials Research Institute seminars, Queen Mary University of London, UK

“Plastic nanoscale electronics via novel fabrication paradigms”

2018 - London Centre for Nanotechnology Monday seminars, Imperial College London, UK

“Nanofabrication of advanced electronic devices using adhesion lithography”

2018 - gender equality meeting, Imperial College London, UK

“Sailing across the sea of plastic electronics”

2017 - Tampere University of Technology, Finland

“Nanogap electronic devices fabricated via adhesion lithography”

2014 - Chemistry Department, Imperial College London, UK

“Interface Engineering of Hybrid Electronic Devices employing Advanced Materials and Processes”