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Shimosako N, Hadjieconomou D, Salecker I, 2014, Flybow to dissect circuit assembly in the Drosophila brain., Methods Mol Biol, Vol:1082, Pages:57-69

Timofeev K, Joly W, Hadjieconomou D, et al., 2012, Localized Netrins Act as Positional Cues to Control Layer-Specific Targeting of Photoreceptor Axons in Drosophila, Neuron, Vol:75, ISSN:0896-6273, Pages:80-93

Hadjieconomou D, Rotkopf S, Alexandre C, et al., 2011, Flybow: genetic multicolor cell labeling for neural circuit analysis in Drosophila melanogaster, Nature Methods, Vol:8, ISSN:1548-7091, Pages:260-U111

Hadjieconomou D, Timofeev K, Salecker I, 2011, A step-by-step guide to visual circuit assembly in Drosophila, Current Opinion in Neurobiology, Vol:21, ISSN:0959-4388, Pages:76-84

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