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Dr Diego Kaski was awarded the European Academy of Neurology Young Scientist award in 2015, Hallpike prize, and the Barany Society Young scientist award in 2014. He has over 70 peer-reviewed publications, and 6 book chapters in English and Spanish languages.

current collaborations

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PROgressive Supranuclear Palsy CorTico-Basal Syndrome Multiple System Atrophy Longitudinal Study UK (PROSPECT-M-UK) at the Institute of Neurology, University College London.

Functional (psychogenic) gait disorders – a Baysian model of motor risk assessment at the Division of Brain Sciences, Imperial College London.

Am I the right way up? I am a co-applicant on the Prospective study of visuo-spatial perception and balance in posterior cortical Atrophy with Dementia Research Centre, IoN, UCL.

Brain stimulation to improve walking after stroke, collaborative project with Professor Newham, Dr Teo, and Dr Pavlou (King’s College London).

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Dr Kaski has set up and runs a yearly ‘acute dizziness and balance workshop’ aimed at acute physicians, neurologists, stroke physicians, and GPs in London.

He helped to set up and actively ran a successful and popular "acute vertigo" teaching programme for ED SpRs and junior doctors, and general medical speciality doctors across Imperial College London, University College Hospitals, the Royal Free Hospital, Southend University Hospital, and The Royal London Hospital with a focus on the differential diagnosis and management of patients presenting with acute vertigo.

Together with Professor Bronstein, he is the author of the acute vertigo and central vestibular disorders modules of the 'E-BRAIN learning', sponsored by the EFNS and ABN.

Ongoing teaching commitments

  • Keynote speaker at the UCL Ear Institute Masterclass in vestibular rehabilitation.
  • Keynote speaker on the NHNN Dizziness course at UCL
  • Postgraduate Imperial College “Acute Medicine” course.
  • Postgraduate MSc diploma students at UCL on the neurology of eye movements.
  • UCL Ear Institute at audiovestibular medicine MSc courses on the role of the cerebellum in balance and vestibular perception.
  • Undergraduate neurology and neurosciences to 4th and final year medical students.
  • PASTEST (MRCP part I) tutor for Neurology session.
  • PASTEST (MRCP PACES) tutor and PACES tutor for the Whittington and Ealing Hospital courses.