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Reader in Cell Cycle Control



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Organiser, Cancer. (Undergraduate)

Lecturer, Cancer. (Undergraduate)

Lecturer, Cancer Biology. (Undergraduate)

Lecturer, Cell Biology I. (Undergraduate)

Supervisor, MRes in Biochemical Research. (Postgraduate)

Lecturer, MRes in Biomedical Physical Chemistry. (Postgraduate)

Lecturer, MRes in Chemical Biology of Health and Disease. (Postgraduate)

Cell Biology - LIFE40002


This course is aimed at introducing students to the biological and cellular context in which biochemical reactions and processes take place. Students should gain an appreciation of the compartmentalisation and organisation of eukaryotic cells with respect to function. We aim to make students appreciate and understand how cells develop, operate, communicate and control their activities.



Cancer - LIFE96011


The aim of this course is to give undergraduate students an understanding of the molecular causes of cancer.  General requirements of cancer cells as well as specific forms of cancer will be analysed in detail from the perspective of the underlying molecular lesions.  The course will emphasize the biochemical interactions involved and potential therapies arising from our molecular insights.  By the end of this course, students should appreciate the enormous scope of this research area and be able to make informed decisions about the future career prospects it offers.


Course Leader