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Dr Diego Mesa Peña

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I am a Chilean mining engineer with a strong interest in mineral processing and metallurgy. I have a PhD in Mineral Processing from Imperial College London and an MSc in Extractive Metallurgy from Universidad de Chile. These academic achievements, alongside my industrial experience as a consultant, have allowed me to become a specialist in froth flotation.

Nowadays I work as a Research Associate in the Advanced Mineral Processing Research Group. My main responsibilities are associated with the Fine Future project, funded by the EU, which aims at creating new scientific knowledge to enable the development of groundbreaking technologies to exploit fine particle fractions by froth flotation.

Research interests

My research focuses on the optimisation of froth flotation by combining novel experimental techniques, state-of-the-art equipment design and in-depth statistical analysis. I am also interested in fundamental aspects of bubble-particle interaction phenomena and the interconnected effect of reagents and complex ores on froth stability and flotation performance.

For more information, check My Research Interests.

Outreach and Citizenship

I am a Postdoc Representative (2022/2023) at the ESE department. I also represent the postdocs in the departmental Internal Awards Committee and in the EDI Committee.

While doing my PhD, I was the President 2017/2018 of the Latin-American Society, where I promoted Latin-American culture at Imperial College London and in the United Kingdom. As part of that position, I organized the 1st Symposium "Researchers for Latin America".

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Mesa D, Cole K, van Heerden MR, et al., 2021, Hydrodynamic characterisation of flotation impeller designs using Positron Emission Particle Tracking (PEPT), Separation and Purification Technology, Vol:276, ISSN:0950-4214, Pages:1-19

Mesa Pena D, Morrison AJ, Brito Parada PR, 2020, The effect of impeller-stator design on bubble size: implications for froth stability and flotation performance, Minerals Engineering, Vol:157, ISSN:0892-6875

Mesa Pena D, Brito Parada P, 2020, Bubble size distribution in aerated stirred tanks: Quantifying the effect of impeller-stator design, Chemical Engineering Research & Design, Vol:160, ISSN:0263-8762, Pages:356-369

Mesa Pena DA, Brito-Parada P, 2019, Scale-up in froth flotation: a state-of-the-art review, Separation and Purification Technology, Vol:210, ISSN:1383-5866, Pages:950-962

More Publications