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I  am an Imperial College Research Fellow in the Systems Medicine division of the Department of Metabolism, Digestion and Reproduction.

The current inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) therapies maintain remission only in around 30% of cases forming therapeutic cellingMy fellowship aims to find the right drug to the right patient in IBD. 

Single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in inflammatory bowel disease are often in the non-coding region of the genome. I and my colleagues developed a tool called iSNP ( which can map these single nucleotide polymorphisms to regulatory regions and through that SNP affected genes. From the SNP affected genes, patient specific signalling networks, individual pathogenetic pathways and patient specific network footprints can be constructed. Already, I used this method to understand ulcerative colitis pathogenesis.  

Similarly, we can use the targets of IBD drugs as a source node and build a drug specific network footprint. The comparison of patient-specific disease and drug networks, much like connectivity mapping, can aid in identifying the correct drug for each patient.

I have completed my medical degree at Semmelweis University. Besides my medical studies, I completed a minor in bionics at the Pázmány Péter Catholic University. Later I got my PhD at the Semmelweis University about network biology. My primary focus was the intracellular signalling network in cancer and understanding the role of paralogues in signalling.

After my PhD I moved to Cambridge and learned cheminformatics. I used network biology to understand and predict compound synergy in cancer. Here I also learned about various cheminformatic techniques, which I am adapting to my fellowship.

My hobbies are reading and writing sci-fi and fantasy stories, Magic the Gathering trading card game and martial arts, currently ninjutsu.



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