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Professional Engineering Skills 1 - MECH40001


This module develops a range of skills necessary for the role of the professional engineer. This includes laboratory practice in materials, thermofluids and mechatronics, report writing, use and maintenance of an accurate log book,  data and error analysis including appropriate statistical techniques and an  introduction to professional and ethical conduct, personal developments.




Professional Engineering Skills 3 - MECH60015


This module is comprised of two parts: (a) Engineering in a commercial environment which aims to provide an awareness and basic understanding of some of the non-engineering  aspects that will be encountered by professional engineers working in a professional environment.  The main topics include: engineering finance; project management;ethics; sustainability; security; professional responsibillity and intellectual property. (b) A literature research project which aims to develop efficient use of the extensive facilities available for research on a given subject, to develop a critical attitude to information sources, an ethical attitude to attributing them and a systematic method for citing them and to stimulate interest in a given engineering-related, technical subject by studying it in depth.


ECTS = 10


Associate Course Leader