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I am interested in the modeling, analysis, and control of multi-agent systems where self-interested agents take autonomous decisions. I leverage theoretical models and real world studies to shed light on the societal impact of self-interested decision making. Visit my research webpage for more information.

Applications: intelligent mobility and electricity markets.
Keywords: game theory, optimization, algorithms, control and network theory.


2020 - Lecturer (US Assistant Prof), Imperial College
2018 -  Member of Board of Directors, Aleph Digital Industry
2018 - 2020 Postdoctoral Scholar, UCSB, SNSF Fellow
2018 PhD, ETH Z├╝rich
2014 M.Sc. Technical University of Denmark
2014 M.Sc. University of Padova
2011 B.Sc. University of Padova 



Paccagnan D, Gairing M, 2023, In Congestion Games, Taxes Achieve Optimal Approximation, Operations Research, ISSN:0030-364X

Huang EY, Paccagnan D, Mei W, et al., 2023, Assign and Appraise: Achieving Optimal Performance in Collaborative Teams, Ieee Transactions on Automatic Control, Vol:68, ISSN:0018-9286, Pages:1614-1627

Jalota D, Paccagnan D, Schiffer M, et al., 2023, Online Routing Over Parallel Networks: Deterministic Limits and Data-driven Enhancements, Informs Journal on Computing, ISSN:1091-9856


Hussain A, Belardinelli F, Paccagnan D, 2023, The Impact of Exploration on Convergence and Performance of Multi-Agent Q-Learning Dynamics, Pages:14178-14202

Zhang K, Paccagnan D, Macias JJE, et al., 2023, Last-mile Collaboration: A Decentralized Mechanism with Performance Guarantees and its Implementation, Pages:2916-2918, ISSN:1548-8403

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