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current research projects

(1) Coastal erosion hazards, e.g., Sussex, England

(2) Ice sheet history and sensitivity to climate change of Greenland and the West Antarctic Ice Sheet

(3) Human and climate impacts on landscapes, e.g. sediment transport in the Appalachian mountains, Asian, Andean, Brazilian, and Australian rivers

(4) Assessment of earthquake hazards in the western US, Alaska, Portugal, Italy, and New Zealand


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(1) Co-I NERC-NSFPLR award NE/S006753/1 “Geological History Constraints on the Magnitude of Grounding Line Retreat in the Thwaites Glacier System” (£379,264.80 2019-2023) (Collaborative project with British Antarctic Survey, Tulane University, Berkeley Geochronology Center, University of Maine, and University of Washington)

(2) Co-I NERC award NE/P021433/1 “Dating coseismic marine terrace formation during the Kaikoura 2016 earthquake” (£52,401 2017-2018) (Collaborative project with University of Glasgow)

(3) Co-I NERC award NE/K011278/1 “Reconstructing millennial-scale ice sheet change in the western Amundsen Sea Embayment, Antarctica, using high-precision exposure dating” (₤167,530 2015-2020) (Collaborative project with British Antarctic Survey)

(4) PI NSF award EAR-1114436 “Collaborative Research: Deciphering Connections Among Land Management, Soil Erosion, and Sediment Yield in Large River Basins” (₤113,735 2012-2015) (Collaborative project with University of Vermont and Oberlin College)

(5) PI NSF award EAR-1103532 “Collaborative Research: Synchronizing the North American Varve Chronology and the Greenland Ice Core Record Using Meteoric 10Be Flux” ($67,765 2011-2014) (Collaborative project with Berkeley Geochronology Center, University of Vermont, and Tufts University)

(6) PI NSF award EAR-0948350 “Geologic Age Constraints for Seismic Hazard Assessment of Critical National Infrastructure” ($170K 2010-2011)

cosmic geochemistry laboratories

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