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AB - Standard scan plane detection in fetal brain ultrasound (US) forms a crucialstep in the assessment of fetal development. In clinical settings, this is doneby manually manoeuvring a 2D probe to the desired scan plane. With the adventof 3D US, the entire fetal brain volume containing these standard planes can beeasily acquired. However, manual standard plane identification in 3D volume islabour-intensive and requires expert knowledge of fetal anatomy. We propose anew Iterative Transformation Network (ITN) for the automatic detection ofstandard planes in 3D volumes. ITN uses a convolutional neural network to learnthe relationship between a 2D plane image and the transformation parametersrequired to move that plane towards the location/orientation of the standardplane in the 3D volume. During inference, the current plane image is passediteratively to the network until it converges to the standard plane location.We explore the effect of using different transformation representations asregression outputs of ITN. Under a multi-task learning framework, we introduceadditional classification probability outputs to the network to act asconfidence measures for the regressed transformation parameters in order tofurther improve the localisation accuracy. When evaluated on 72 US volumes offetal brain, our method achieves an error of 3.83mm/12.7 degrees and3.80mm/12.6 degrees for the transventricular and transcerebellar planesrespectively and takes 0.46s per plane.
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