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AB - © Springer International Publishing Switzerland 2016. In this paper, we present a preliminary report of a multiscale registration method between micro-focus X-ray CT (micro CT) volumes taken in different scales. 3D fine structures of target objects can be observed on micro CT volumes, which are difficult to observe on clinical CT volumes. Micro CT scanners can scan specimens in various resolutions. In their high resolution volumes, ultra fine structures of specimens can be observed, while scanned areas are limited to very small. On the other hand, in low resolution volumes, large areas can be captured, while fine structures of specimens are difficult to observe. The fusion volume of the high and low resolution volumes will have benefits of both. Because the difference of resolutions between the high and low resolution volumes may vary greatly, an intermediate resolution volume is required for successful fusion of volumes. To perform such volume fusion, a cascade multi-resolution registration technique is required. To register micro CT volumes that have quite different resolutions, we employ a cascade co-registration technique. In the cascade co-registration process, intermediate resolution volumes are used in a registration process of the high and low resolution volumes. In the registration between two volumes, we apply two steps registration techniques. In the first step, a block division is used to register two resolution volumes. Afterward, we estimate the fine spatial positions relating the registered two volumes using the Powell method. The registration result can be used to generate a fusion volume of the high and low resolution volumes.
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