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Imperial Post-Doctoral, Post-CCT Research Fellow (IPPRF)







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David is a Academic Clinical Fellow (ACF) in Primary Care, currently working in the MSk lab under the supervision of Alison McGregor and Azeem Majeed. His research investigates the interplay between physical activity, biomechanics and inflammation, with a particular focus on the links between these areas and osteoarthritis (OA), and also on the immunometabolism of physical activity and cancer risk.

David was previously a Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Training Fellow at the National Heart and Lung Institute (NHLI) at Imperial College, and completed a PhD in 2017 in the mechanobiology of Ventilator Associated Lung Injury (VALI). He graduated from University College London Medical School with MBBS and BSc(hons). He has completed clinical rotations in acute and emergency and intensive care medicine, and is now completing training in primary care with an interest in sports and exercise medicine.

His research interests focus on how mechanical forces and biomechanics influence biological signalling, and contribute to disease such as in osteoarthritis, and he is currently using metabolomic sequencing techniques to support this work.

Research themes: Osteoarthritis (OA); Physical activity (PA); Metabolomics; Inflammation; Mechanotransduction/ Mechanobiology



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