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Dhruv Saxena is currently a postdoctoral research associate in the Complex Nanophotonics Group led by Dr. Riccardo Sapienza.

Dhruv received his undergraduate training in Applied Mathematics from the University of Sydney. He then worked at the Australian Bureau of Statistics for three years before embarking on a Ph.D in Physics at the Australian National University. Dhruv's Ph.D. dissertation was on the design and characterisation of III-V semiconductor nanowire lasers.

Dhruv's current research interests are in exploring the physics of nanomaterials, tailoring light-matter interactions and manipulating light at sub-wavelength scales for developing novel functional materials and devices.

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Gaio M, Saxena D, Bertolotti J, et al., 2019, A nanophotonic laser on a graph, Nature Communications, ISSN:2041-1723

Saxena D, Jiang N, Yuan X, et al., 2016, Design and Room-Temperature Operation of GaAs/AlGaAs Multiple Quantum Well Nanowire Lasers, Nano Letters, Vol:16, ISSN:1530-6984, Pages:5080-5086

Saxena D, Wang F, Gao Q, et al., 2015, Mode Profiling of Semiconductor Nanowire Lasers, Nano Letters, Vol:15, ISSN:1530-6984, Pages:5342-5348

Saxena D, Mokkapati S, Parkinson P, et al., 2013, Optically pumped room-temperature GaAs nanowire lasers, Nature Photonics, Vol:7, ISSN:1749-4885, Pages:963-968

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