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Desmond Sheridan is Emeritus Professor of Cardiology in the National Heart and Lung Institute. He qualified in medicine from Trinity College Dublin in 1971 and received his MD and was awarded the John Banks Medal in 1974. He received a British American Fellowship to undertake research at Washington University, St Louis in 1978 and he received his PhD from Newcastle University in 1981. He was appointed Reader in Cardiology at the University of Wales in 1980 and Professor of Cardiology at the University of London in 1985. He was elected Clinical Dean for Imperial College School of Medicine from 1998-2001 and was appointed Principal Cardiovascular Advisor, Pfizer Global Research and Development 2002-5.

Professor Sheridan was a member of the National Forum for Prevention of Coronary Heart Disease 1991-9 and served on research grant assessment committees for the British Heart Foundation, MRC and EU Framework programmes. He has been an advisor on research strategy to the EC Framework programme, the Swiss National Science Foundation and Industry.
His research interests relate to understanding the consequences of normal and abnormal cardiac growth with a particular focus on disturbances in the electrical properties of heart muscle and coronary microvascular function and how these contribute to morbidity [1]. In recent years he has drawn attention to the decline in academic medicine and innovative capacity in medical science and the importance of reversing these [2,3,4]. 

His new book (6) discusses the cultural and evolutionary origins of the heart, its remarkable efficiency and durability based on its seamless interaction with other organs as well as its capacity for self repair.  

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Selected Publications


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