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ProfessorDavidVan Dyk

Faculty of Natural SciencesDepartment of Mathematics

Head of Department of Mathematics, Chair in Statistics



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Algeri S, Dyk DAV, Testing One Hypothesis Multiple times

Hill R, Shariff H, Trotta R, et al., Projected distances to host galaxy reduce SNIa dispersion

Hippel TV, Robinson E, Jeffery E, et al., Bayesian Analysis for Stellar Evolution with Nine Parameters (BASE-9): User's Manual

Jiao X, Dyk DAV, A Corrected and More Efficient Suite of MCMC Samplers for the Multinomal Probit Model

Revsbech EA, Trotta R, Dyk DAV, STACCATO: A Novel Solution to Supernova Photometric Classification with Biased Training Sets

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