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I graduated from the University of Southampton with a PhD in Chemistry in 2014. I have 6 years of post-doctoral chemistry, materials chemistry, optical sensing and additive manufacturing research experience, in addition to teaching and consultancy experience.

My research focuses on the design, development and application of 3D printing and 3D printed advanced smart materials for a wide range of applications, in particular next-generation personalised healthcare, sensing and also clean energy. Currently, my main focus is on the development of 3D printable and biocompatible bioadhesives. 3D-printing of these materials allows for bespoke bioadhesive patch fabrication, with the patches personalised to each patient. I forsee that such patches will be a replacement to the current methods of wound sealing that are currently used in emergency medicine and surgery.

Please contact me for more information. Open and happy to discuss potential collaboration.

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