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The research interests of our group centre around the role of metals in environmental and earth system processes. 

Our current research focus is on understanding global atmospheric metal cycling, processes in the plant-soil environment and the aquous geochemistry of oxyanions, including arsenic, antimony and actinides.

We work from the molecular to the global scale and conduct field, laboratory and modelling studies.

For more details, see please go to our group web page at Environmental Geochemistry at Imperial College London



I read Natural Science at the ETH Zurich and graduated with my diploma in 1993. After two years as research associate in industry (Novartis) and academia (Weizmann Institute of Science, University of Basel) working on organic and inorganic groundwater pollution and colloid chemistry, I went on to the University of Berne for postgraduate studies in Isotope Geochemistry under the supervisions of William Shotyk and Jan Kramers. I received a PhD with distinction in Earth Sciences submitting a thesis on the reconstruction of past atmospheric lead cycles. I then moved for post-doctoral studies to MIT to work under the guidance of Ed Boyle on the lead isotope evolution in North Atlantic surface waters. In 2000, I joined the faculty at Imperial College London, first as Lecturer, then as Senior Lecturer , then as a Reader and now as Professor in Environmental Geochemistry.

I have been awarded the Cox Fellowship from Stanford University (2013), the Researcher in Residence Fellowship at the KimaKampus at the University of Hamburg (2012) and the Young Researcher Award from the Natural Environment Research Council (2002). Our work received the most cited paper award from the European Society of Geochemistry in 2010.

I serve at present on the Editorial Board of Geochemical et Cosmochimca Acta and as councillor of the European Association of Geochemistry. Previously, I served on the scientific boards of the NERC Peer Review Panel and the Royal Society Grant Committee. In 2014, I served as a theme leader of the Goldschmidt Conference in Sacramento.

Keynote presentations I gave most recently (2016) at the Environmenal Radioactivity Conference in London, United Kingdom. The most recent invited departmental seminars I gave at the University of Seoul (2014), UC Santa Cruz (2013), and Stanford (2013).

At Imperial College, I am serving on the steering committee of the MAGIC laboratories. I was warden of Tizard and Wilson Halls between 2004 and 2012 and I was the departmental examination officier between 2008 and 2010.



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