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Danielle Wilson

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Selected Publications

Rao, G., Jeanes, A., Russell, H., Wilson, D.,  Atere-Roberts, E., O'Sullivan, D & Donaldson, N (2009) Effectiveness of short term enhanced infection control support in improving compliance with infection control guidelines & practice in nursing homes: a cluster randomized trial. Epidemiology & Infection. Oct, 137, 1465-71. 

Ritchie, C.W., Peto, T., Barzegar-Befroei, N., Csutak, A., Ndhlovu, P., Wilson, D., Holborrow, A., Goud, B., Cheeseman, N., Corridan, B., Bird, A.C, & Lengyel, I (2009) Peripheral Retinal Drusen as a Surrogate Marker for Alzheimer’s Dementia: A Pilot Ultra-Wide Angle Imaging Study. 

Wilson, D., Peters, R., Ritchie, K & Ritchie, C.W (2011) Latest advances on interventions that may prevent, delay or ameliorate dementia. Therapeutic Advances in Chronic Disease. Volume 2, Number 3, May 2011. 

Raymont, V., Wilson, D., Mukherjee, A., Curry, L., Gregory, S., Pae, L & Ritchie, C.W (March 2012). Changes in referrals to a memory clinic – service reflection or representation of substantial public health success? Alzheimer’s Disease international conference: London. 

Avent, C., Curry, L., Gregory, S., Marquardt, S., Pae, L., Wilson, D., Ritchie, K & Ritchie, C.W (2013) Establishing the motivations of patients with dementia & cognitive impairment & their carers in joining a dementia research register (DemReg). International Psychogeriatrics, 25, 6. 

Wilson, D., Larsen, M., Marquardt, S., Mastellos, N., Car, J., Ritchie, C., Middleton, L.  (2013, December). Developing a Register of Cognitively Healthy Older Volunteers: A Descriptive Case Study. Poster presented at British Psychological Society Division of Clinical Psychology Annual Conference 2013, York, United Kingdom. 

Borschmann, R., Patterson, S., Poovendran, D., Wilson, D & Weaver, T. (2014) Influences on recruitment to Randomised controlled trials in mental health settings in England: a national cross-sectional survey of researchers working for the Mental Health Research Network, BMC Medical Research Methodology, 14:23. 

Matheson, D., Patel, A., Arshad, T., Gregory, S., Wilson, D & Raymont, V. (2015) Exploring the optimal assessment of hazardous alcohol use & its effects on cognitive impairment in the elderly, International Congress of the Royal College of Psychiatrists 2015 The International Convention Centre (ICC), Birmingham, United Kingdom. 

Gregory, S. Waterhouse, A., Orleans-Foli, S., Wilson, D., Tham, L., McNulty, H., Deriziotis, S., Gibbor, L., Crombie, C. (2016) Does Ecotherapy improve the Quality of Life for clients with a diagnosis of Dementia? Alzheimer’s Disease international conference: Budapest. 

Sparrowhawk, K., Ratto, M., Cliveden, B., Harrison J & Wilson, D. (2017) A self-administered, non-medical intervention to identify & improve cognitive issues in populations across a range of ages & health conditions. British Neuroscience Association (BNA2017) Festival of Neuroscience, Birmingham. 

Gregory, S., Billings, J., Wilson, D., Livingston, G., Schilder, A., & Costafreda, S.G. (2017) Experiences of Hearing Aid Use Among Patients with Mild Cognitive Impairment & Mild Dementia: A Qualitative Study. Alzheimer’s Associated International Conference (AAIC), London. 

Patel, A., Gibbor, L., Douch, R., Welstead, M., Cahill, E., Kouimtsidis, C., Wilson, D., Gregory, S., Manalo, M., Mandalia, P.,  Deriziotis, S., Kaya, S., Wells, K.,  & Raymont, V. (2018) The Validity of the Alcohol-Use-Disorder-Identification-Test & a Novel Proxy Test in the Assessment of Alcohol Consumption in the Cognitively Impaired Elderly. Journey of Addiction Research. Volume 2, Issue 1. 

Wilson, D., Manalo, M., Gregory, S., & Clark, L. (2019) Development of a core competency framework for clinical research staff. The 2019 Annual NHS R&D Forum, Brighton. Poster & Oral presentation. Runner up: best abstract.   

Gowie, M., Wilson D., Gregory S., & Clark L. (2020) Development of a core competency framework for clinical research staff. Journal of Interprofessional Education & Practice. Volume 18, March 2020, 100301. 

Wilson, D. (2020) Building Research Radiographer Capacity & Capability in the NHS. The 2020 Annual NHS R&D Forum. Poster.             

Fletcher-Lloyd, N., Soreq, E., Wilson, D., Nilforooshan, R., Sharp, D., & Barnaghi, P. (2021)  Home monitoring of daily living activities and prediction of agitation risk in a cohort of people living with dementia. AAIC Neuroscience Next 

Hoang, K., Wall, H., Golemme, M., Perry, RJ., Ritchie, C., Wilson, D., Pickett, J., Fox, C., Howard, R., Malhotra, PA. (2021) Noradrenergic Add-on Therapy with Extended-Release Guanfacine in Alzheimer’s Disease: study protocol for a randomised clinical trial (NorAD) and COVID-19 Amendments, in press