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Dr Detina Zalli is a Senior Teaching Fellow in Genomic Medicine at the Imperial College, London.  

Dr Zalli earned her PhD in University of Leicester, UK. Her research focused on NIMA (Never In Mitosis Gene A)- Related Kinase 8 mutated in the human cystic kidney disease nephronophthisis. 

Dr Zalli carried her postdoctoral research training at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine where she focused on podosome patterning in Osteoclasts and Bone Resorption In Vivo and In Vitro. 

Following her postdoctoral training at Harvard, Dr Zalli worked as lecturer where she directed multiple courses for graduate students in cancer cell biology.  She was also the director of Advanced Graduate Preclinical and Clinical Research Seminar.  

At Harvard, Dr Zalli joined Harvard Professional Government and chaired multiple important events such as Harvard Lectures That Last and Harvard Leadership Conference. 

Dr Zalli later moved at the at the University of Oxford where she was the academic lead for MSc course in Precision Cancer Medicine and collaborated with Nobel Prize Winners.  

Dr Zalli is also the founder of We Speak Science, a non-profit institution, the aim of which is to increase awareness of science and medicine in the USA and Europe.  Her biggest passion is doing research and sharing her knowledge with others.