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AB - In many financial contracts (and in particular when trading OTC derivatives), participantsare exposed to counterparty risk. The latter is typically rewarded by adjusting the “risk-freeprice” of derivatives; an adjustment known ascredit value adjustment(CVA). A key driverof CVA is the dependency between exposure and counterparty risk, known aswrong-way risk(WWR). In practice however, correctly addressing WWR is very challenging and calls forheavy numerical techniques. This might explain why WWR is not explicitly handled in theBasel III regulatory framework in spite of its acknowledged importance. In this paper wepropose a sound and tractable method to deal efficiently with WWR. Our approach consistsof embedding the WWR effect in the drift of the exposure dynamics. Even though thiscalls for infinite changes of measures, we end up with an appealing compromise betweentractability and mathematical rigor, preserving the level of accuracy typically required forCVA figures. The good performances of the method are discussed in a stochastic-intensitydefault setup based on extensive comparisons of Expected Positive Exposure (EPE) profilesand CVA figures produced (i) by a full bivariate Monte Carlo implementation of the initialmodel with (ii) our drift-adjustment technique.
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