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Honorary Senior Lecturer at Inflammation, Repair and Development Section, NHLI, St Mary's Campus.

Dr Munblit graduated from a Russian State Medical University in 2003 and then been trained at the Moscow Institute of Paediatrics and Child Surgery.

Daniel accomplished his PhD research at Imperial College London in 2016. Prior to this he successfully completed MSc in Allergy programme at Imperial College London.

His main research focus is the primary prevention of allergic disease in childhood. Investigation of human colostrum and mature breast milk immune-modulatory factors in relation to maternal health, nutrition and genotype and subsequent infant outcomes in relation to susceptibility to allergy. Later he has developed a strong interest in systematic evaluation of available evidence in paediatrics and child health.

Daniel leads The Core Outcome Measures for Food Allergy (COMFA) COST Action, approved by the EU commissioners in June 2019. This project is aiming to define the scope and applicability of food allergy Core Outcome sets and develop Core Outcome sets and measurement tools for food allergy.

Between 2019 and 2022 Dr. Munblit served a member of the European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (EAACI) Pediatric section board and a member of Paediatric Allergy Education & Training Committee (PA-ETC) at EAACI. Daniel is a member of Education & Training, Food Allergy and Allergy Prevention Committees at World Allergy Organization (WAO).

He also serves as an Associate Editor for World Allergy Organization Journal and Clinical & Experimental Allergy.

At the time of COVID-19 pandemic Daniel leads Stop COVID cohort at Sechenov University, Moscow, Russia. He is also heavily involved in International Severe Acute Respiratory and emerging Infection Consortium (ISARIC) post-covid condition research co-leading ISARIC Global COVID-19 paediatric follow-up. Daniel also co-leads an initiative aiming to establish Core Outcome Set for post-covid condition.

Dr. Munblit shares his time between London and Moscow. He is a Professor at the Department of Paediatrics and Infectious Diseases at Sechenov University.

Apart from research activities, Daniel is lecturing at MSc in Paediatrics and MSc in Allergy courses and supervising students at Imperial College London and Sechenov University.



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