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Professor of Metallurgy



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The development of more capable, more reliable titanium and nickel alloys used in aircraft and jet engines is an enabler for a low-carbon society and for growth in the UK manufacturing economy. My major focus is on the deformation behaviour of these alloys, and how alloy and microstructure changes can improve these alloys.

In the group we use a range of techniques, including SEM, TEM and diffraction to understand behaviour. A particular focus is the use of synchrotron and neutron diffraction to characterise textures and microstrains in alloys, especially the development of in situ experiments. For those experiments we use major international facilities such as the ESRF, ISIS, SNS and Diamond.

Current Funding

I am part of the Hexagonal Materials, Designing Alloys for Resource Efficiency and Rolls-Royce Strategic Partnership EPSRC programme grants. Rolls-Royce and other companies also support a number of my students and projects.

Past Projects and PhD Students

I supervised Drs Seema Raghunathan, Russell Talling, Adam Stapleton, Ioannis Bantounas, Nicholas Jones, Fatos Derguti, Daniel Garcia Aguilar, Konstantinos Alevizos, Miloslav Beres, James Coakley, Jonnathan Warwick, Mohammad Azeem, Christabel Evans, Khandaker Rahman, Hui Yu (Sophia) Yan, Oliver Joris, Matthias Knop, Hannah Weekes, Tamara Chapman, Anna Radecka and Peter Tympel.  

I cosupervised Drs Muthiah Ganesan, Fatos Derguti, Ben Jackson and Appala Naidu Gandi.

Anxin Ma, Nick Jones, Seema Raghunathan, Russell Talling, and Catrin Davies, Ananthi Sankaran, John Plummer, James Coakley and Vassili Vorontsov have also done postdocs with me.