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David Shrier is Professor of Practice, AI & Innovation with Imperial College Business School, and leads both the TRanslational AI Lab (TRAIL), applying trusted AI solutions to problems of business, government, and society, and the Institutional Digital Assets Project, helping mainstream organisations understand and adopt digital assets such as crypto and other DLT derivatives.  David is founding faculty of Imperial's Centre for Digital Transformation. His academic teaching focus is on using technology innovation to drive change at scale.

David is a globally recognized thought leader in technology and educational innovation, parallel entrepreneur, and author. Collaborating with Professor Alex 'Sandy' Pentland at MIT, David revolutionised the university executive short course model for online learning. The portfolio of digital classes he created originally for MIT and University of Oxford have engaged nearly 20,000 innovators in over 150 countries. David is personally responsible for spearheading the three most profitable online classes in history.

David's government advisory portfolio includes present work with HMRC, FINRA, the European Parliament's Center for Artificial Intelligence (C4AI) under the auspices of the STOA committee, and the European Commission's High Level Group on citizenship innovation.  His prior advisory work included helping the Commonwealth Secretariat develop the Commonwealth Fintech Toolkit.

He also is active with industry in the practice of innovation science having developed $9 billion of growth initiatives for Fortune 1000 companies, private equity, and venture capital. David has spun four AI-enabled companies out of MIT, and is presently CEO of Esme Learning Solutions and separately CEO of blank-cheque company Adit EdTech (NYSE: ADEX). His advisory firm Visionary Future works with corporate and government clients applying technology to drive change at scale. He also serves on the boards of private companies including Copper Technologies (UK) Ltd.

David has published six books since 2016 focused on technology disruption, the four most recent of which with MIT Press or Little Brown. His latest book, Augmenting Your Career: How to Win at Work in the Age of AI was released by Little Brown in June 2021, and his next book, Global Fintech will be published by MIT Press in 2022.

David's disclosures on his investment holdings can be found under the 'portfolio' tab at the Visionary Future website. 



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