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Shrier D, 2023, Basic Metaverse How Virtual Worlds Will Change Our Reality and What You Can Do to Unlock Their Potential, Publisher: Robinson, ISBN: 9781472148148

In Basic Metaverse, leading futurist David L. Shrier explains how the technology works, unpacks its potential uses - including its relationship to the development of Web3 - and its impact on everyday life and work.


Shrier DL, Pentland A, 2022, Global Fintech Financial Innovation in the Connected World, Publisher: MIT Press, ISBN: 9780262543668

This book offers global perspectives on technology-fueled transformations in financial services, with contributions from a wide-ranging group of academics, industry professionals, former government officials, and current government advisors ...


Shrier D, 2021, Augmenting Your Career How to Win at Work In the Age of AI, Publisher: Piatkus, ISBN: 9780349425436

Read this book and fast track your evolution to the knowledge worker of the future.


Shrier D, 2020, Basic Blockchain What It Is and How It Will Transform the Way We Work and Live, Publisher: Hachette UK, ISBN: 9781472144829

In this book, David L. Shrier, one of MIT and Oxford University's leading futurists, explains for the general reader: - The history of blockchain, its apocryphal progenitor Satoshi Nakamoto and the socioeconomic context of its origins in ...


Hardjono T, Shrier DL, Pentland A, 2019, Trusted Data A New Framework for Identity and Data Sharing, Publisher: MIT Connection Science & Engineering, ISBN: 9780262043212

A New Framework for Identity and Data Sharing Thomas Hardjono, David L. Shrier, Alex Pentland. OPAL Data Provider # 1 OPAL Algorithm Provider Gateway Algorithms Compute 121 Algorithm Description Data Authority Log Consent ...


Shrobe H, Shrier DL, Pentland A, 2018, New Solutions for Cybersecurity, Publisher: MIT Press, ISBN: 9780262535373

CHAPTER 16 The Trust::Data Framework as a Solution to the Cybersecurity ChallengeConclusion; Contributor Biographies.


Shrier D, 2016, Frontiers of Financial Technology Expeditions in Future Commerce, from Blockchain and Digital Banking to Prediction Markets and Beyond, Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform, ISBN: 9781537248899

From blockchain to artificial intelligence, this series of articles helps the reader grapple with this exciting area of technology innovation.


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