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Reader in Immunology and Inflammation (Clinical)



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I am a graduate of the Cambridge MB/PhD programme.  Originally studying immune tolerance breakdown in type 1 diabetes with Anne Cooke for my PhD, I then worked as a Clinical Lecturer with Ken Smith and Gordon Dougan FRS. During this time,  I characterised the novel protein EROS. Having demonstrated that EROS was essential for the generation of reactive oxygen species by the innate immune system, I was awarded a Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Career Development Fellowship and the Beit Prize in 2017. In April 2019, I moved my laboratory to Imperial College to take up a Readership. My laboratory works on (i) how Eros controls the phagocyte respiratory burst and other processes in innate and adaptive immunity as well as (ii)  the role of reactive oxygen species, derived from a variety of sources, in immunity more generally. My clinical work is as a nephrologist and internal physician and I am a Consultant Nephrologist at the Hammersmith Hospital, predominantly focused on the care of renal transplant patients. 

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Gisby J, Clarke C, Medjeral-Thomas N, et al., 2021, Longitudinal proteomic profiling of dialysis patients with COVID-19 reveals markers of severity and predictors of death, Elife, Vol:10, ISSN:2050-084X, Pages:1-30

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Bashford-Rogers RJM, Bergamaschi L, McKinney EF, et al., 2019, Analysis of the B cell receptor repertoire in six immune-mediated diseases, Nature, Vol:574, ISSN:0028-0836, Pages:122-126

Thomas DC, Charbonnier L-M, Schejtman A, et al., 2019, EROS/CYBC1 mutations: Decreased NADPH oxidase function and chronic granulomatous disease, Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, Vol:143, ISSN:0091-6749, Pages:782-785.e1

Sowerby JM, Thomas DC, Clare S, et al., 2017, NBEAL2 is required for neutrophil and NK cell function and pathogen defense, Journal of Clinical Investigation, Vol:127, ISSN:0021-9738, Pages:3259-3264

Thomas DC, Clare S, Sowerby JM, et al., 2017, Eros is a novel transmembrane protein that controls the phagocyte respiratory burst and is essential for innate immunity, Journal of Experimental Medicine, Vol:214, ISSN:0022-1007, Pages:1111-1128

More Publications