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Dr Declan O'Regan is an MRC Senior Clinician Scientist and Consultant Radiologist who heads the Robert Steiner MRI suite (Mansfield Centre for Innovation) on the Hammersmith Hospital campus and is lead clinician for Imaging Research at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust.

His main research interest is mathematical modelling of the heart using human MR imaging to understand the genetic and physiological mechanisms that underpin cardiovascular disease. His projects include:

  • Developing high-resolution MRI techniques for capturing cardiac structure and motion in three-dimensions.
  • Applying segmentation algorithms to create a three-dimensional statistical representation of cardiovascular phenotypic variation.
  • Modelling the effects of blood pressure and body composition on cardiac structure.
  • Automated survival prediction using computational models of heart failure.
  • Discovery of genotype-phenotype associations using whole-organ models.
  • Evaluating the effect of rare variants on the cardiovascular phenotype.
  • Optimising clinical decision making using Bayesian networks
  • Using exercise cardiac MRI as a predictor of outcomes in pulmonary hypertension and discovering the effects of normobaric hypoxia on cardiac function.

His interdisciplinary collaborators include Prof Stuart Cook, Prof Daniel Rueckert, and Prof Ewan Birney. This research is funded by NIHR, BHF and MRC.  

 Cardiac MR Images

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

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