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I work in the area of quantum condensed matter physics. Although the rules of quantum mechanics are well understood for electrons and atoms, new phenomena can arise from the collective behaviour of a large number of interacting particles. My research focusses on the emergence of new phases of matter in quantum mechanical systems. I have worked on the physics of low-dimensional electron systems, superfluids, superconductors and ultracold atoms. My recent interests include topological band structures and novel phases in superfluid films and ultracold atomic systems.

I am also interested in fundamental questions at the interface between condensed matter physics and quantum information.  I am currently working on topological states of matter and exotic ordered phases in condensed matter and cold atoms.

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

d'Ornellas P, Barnett R, Lee DKK, 2022, Quantized bulk conductivity as a local Chern marker, Physical Review B, Vol:106, ISSN:2469-9950, Pages:1-11

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More Publications