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My research interests are in supply chain management; risk management; game theory and optimization. Much of my research involves the application of these ideas in energy markets. I have been Area Editor for Energy at the journal 'Operations Research', and I am currently teaching Energy Analytics at Imperial.

I have published three books and around 70 papers in international academic journals. Thirteen students have successfully completed PhDs under my supervision.

I have an honours degree in Mathematics from the University of Cambridge, and a PhD in Operations Management, also from the University of Cambridge. I have held previous positions at the University of Cambridge, the University of New South Wales and the University of Sydney.  I have held a variety of academic management roles, including being Associate Dean, Research, at the University of Sydney Business School.

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Anderson E, Zachary S, 2023, Minimax decision rules for planning under uncertainty: drawbacks and remedies, European Journal of Operational Research, Vol:311, ISSN:0377-2217, Pages:789-800

Anderson E, Veldman J, Pulles N, et al., 2023, Developing a shared supplier with endogenous spillovers, Production and Operations Management, Vol:32, ISSN:1059-1478, Pages:723-739

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Anderson E, Philpott A, 2021, Improving sample average approximation using distributional robustness, Informs Journal on Optimization, Vol:4, ISSN:2575-1484, Pages:90-124

Anderson E, Xu H, Zhang D, 2020, Varying confidence levels for CVaR risk measures and minimax limits, Mathematical Programming, Vol:180, ISSN:0025-5610, Pages:327-370

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Anderson EJ, Philpott AB, 2019, Forward commodity trading with private information, Operations Research, Vol:67, ISSN:0030-364X, Pages:58-71

Anderson E, Holmberg P, 2018, Price instability in multi-unit auctions, Journal of Economic Theory, Vol:175, ISSN:0022-0531, Pages:318-341

More Publications