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After graduating as a Chemist from the University of Barcelona (Spain), I did my PhD at Queen Mary University of London. Shortly after I had the opportunity to work as applied chemist in Germany providing me the experience of working in the industry. Returning to the UK, my interested was in the area of functional materials and the development of organic electronics devices for the renewable energy sector. I held senior research positions at Imperial College London (Department of Materials) and King Abdullah of Science and Technology (KAUST, Saudi Arabia) for about 6 years. Since September 2015, I also started working as the project manager of a EU Innovative Training Network Horizon 2020 programme leading me to decide to apply for more strategic type roles within a university environment.

In May 2017, I joined the Research Strategy Team in the Faculty of Natural Sciences at Imperial. I report to the Head of Research Strategy and Development, and work with the Vice-Dean (Research) and other partners.  The aim of my post is to take the lead in enhancing the research strategy of the Faculty and developing tools and processes to achieve the long-term strategic objectives.

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Buchaca-Domingo E, Vandewal K, Fei Z, et al., 2015, Direct correlation of charge transfer absorption with molecular donor: acceptor interfacial area via photothermal deflection spectroscopy, Journal of the American Chemical Society, Vol:137, ISSN:0002-7863, Pages:5256-5259

Buchaca-Domingo E, Ferguson AJ, Jamieson FC, et al., 2014, Additive-assisted supramolecular manipulation of polymer:fullerene blend phase morphologies and its influence on photophysical processes, Materials Horizons, Vol:1, ISSN:2051-6347, Pages:270-279

Jamieson FC, Domingo EB, McCarthy-Ward T, et al., 2012, Fullerene crystallisation as a key driver of charge separation in polymer/fullerene bulk heterojunction solar cells, Chemical Science, Vol:3, ISSN:2041-6520, Pages:485-492

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