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Professor of Computer Systems



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Emil Lupu heads the Resilient Information Systems Security Group in the Department of Computing at Imperial College London. He is also a Security Science Fellow with the Institute for Security Science and Technology. He has served as deputy-director of the PETRAS IoT Security Hub and the PETRAS National Centre of Excellence in IoT Systems Cybersecurity.

His research interests focus on the cyber security and resilience of systems including their physical, digital and human characteristics and their ability to continue operating even when they have been partially compromised. Dr Lupu has made numerous contributions in the area of policy-based network and systems management and security  including the Ponder and Ponder2 policy systems, policy analysis refinement, deployment, implementation and learning.

His publications can be found on Google Scholar and DBLP amongst others.

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Illiano V, Lupu E, Muñoz-González L, et al., 2018, Determining Resilience Gains from Anomaly Detection for Event Integrity in Wireless Sensor Networks, ACM Transactions on Sensor Networks, Vol:14, ISSN:1550-4859

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Sgandurra D, Lupu E, 2016, Evolution of attacks, threat models, and solutions for virtualized systems, Acm Computing Surveys, Vol:48, ISSN:1557-7341

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