Imperial College London


Faculty of MedicineDepartment of Metabolism, Digestion and Reproduction

Research Associate - Structural Elucidation







Institute of Reproductive and Developmental BiologyHammersmith Campus





Undergraduate Studies -  Chemistry (Analytical Chemistry), Saint Petersburg State University 1999-2004

PhD studies - Analytical Chemistry, University of Barcelona 2004 - 2009

Newton International postdoctoral Fellow - Physical Organic and Supramolecular Chemistry, University of Sheffield 2011 - 2013


May 2016 - present - Research Associate in Structural Elucidation of metabolites - Department of Surgery and Cancer, Imperial College London. My main tools for metabolite identification are liquid chromatography (LC) techniques for extraction of unknowns and their characterization by mass spectrometry (MS) and NMR spectroscopy as well as statistical spectroscopic approaches. The source of unknown metabolites are different epidemiological and clinical studies.

January 2013 - May 2016 - Research Associate in Chemistry/Biochemistry working in the project INTERMAP (INTERnational collaborative study of MAcronutrients, micronutrients and blood Pressure) - Imperial College London. Development and application of mass spectrometry methods for phenotyping in large scale epidemiological sample cohorts.

January 2011 - December 2012 - Newton International Fellowship (Royal Society) - Department of Chemistry, University of Sheffield. Project "Cooperativity in Molecular Recognition".

October 2009 - January 2011 - Teaching Assistant (PhD) - Department of Analytical Chemistry, University of Barcelona. 



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Wolfer AM, Correia GDS, Sands CJ, et al., 2021, peakPantheR, an R package for large-scale targeted extraction and integration of annotated metabolic features in LC-MS profiling datasets, Bioinformatics, Vol:37, ISSN:1367-4803, Pages:4886-4888

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