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Lizzie is a geophysics senior teaching fellow. She coordinates courses on Physical Processes, Geophysical Data Processing and Analysis, and the Physics of Planet Earth. Lizzie is associated with several of the other geophysics courses, including the independent geophysics projects and the field trip to Cyprus. In addition to these roles, Lizzie is also first year tutor, undergraduate admissions tutor, and departmental disabilities officer. 

Prior to joining Imperial, Lizzie worked as a postdoctoral researcher at MIT and the University of Cambridge. She concentrated on using seismic waves to study the Earth’s deep interior, linking these seismic observations of the Earth’s mantle and core to processes occurring deep within our planet, as described here. Lizzie supervises MSci projects on deep Earth seismology in ESE. 

In addition to her roles in the department, Lizzie also sits on the Membership Committee of the Royal Astronomical Society 



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